Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The God of Writing: Philyra

I was curious if there was a god of writers. I didn't specifically find that god, but I found a greek god of writing: Philyra. According to my bing search, Philyra is the god of paper (how fun), writing and perfume. I think perfume is kind of strange to be associated with paper and writing, but I didn't assign the roles. But, more importantly, Philyra is a goddess. I emphasize this only because it seems there is a stigma that female writers can only perform in certain genres; for instance Romance. I don't tend to be a "feminist" but I like that the god in charge of writing is a female.

Philyra hung out with the Cronus, otherwise known as the father of Zeus, which just goes to show that writers can hang out with--and even attract--some of the most powerful individuals. I like to see the prestige of the profession carried over to mythology as well.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I would post a picture of Philyra in my writing space. But I certainly enjoyed finding there was a god in charge of something I love so much.

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