Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Does Fulfilling Dreams equal Money?

This week, I wanted to focus on dreams and the future, mainly because it is graduation week at the high schools in my area. Therefore, I did a search to keep with my theme of introducing a different god. What I found was gods for money or fortune. There were no gods for prosperity. The only goddess I found in charge of the future was Antevorta, an obscure god that I couldn't find much about.

I find this an interesting concept. In a society that held gods for everything, where is the god for fulfilling dreams? Or does setting a "dream" automatically equal striving for fame and success? Friday's blog post was going to relate to this topic, but I thought I'd pose the question.

If you could create a god or goddess for prosperity, what would the duties look like? What does it mean in your eyes to pursue happiness?

Just something to think about on this Tuesday morning.

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